Smoked Moi - Beet / Orange / Hibiscus


When: Winter 2017

Composition: Beet brined and smoked moi, beet and orange juice, burnt orange, pickled beets, candied hibiscus, whipped creme fraiche, beet powder

Chef: Catherine Price

Photo: Lorenzo Tassone, Tassone Photography

Story: Moi, known as 'emperor's fish' on account of it only being served to their royal family, is a fish found exclusively in Hawaii. It is similar to trout, only much more rich in flavor. Moi only makes it to market in Chicago occasionally, so we jumped on the opportunity to bring it in for a dish conceived and developed Chef Catherine Price.

We originally brought in John Dory for the course, which we brined in beet juice and then cold smoked. We also experimented for a while with mackerel, but everything paled in comparison to the velvety texture of the moi.

 Chef Catherine Price

Chef Catherine Price