wagyu / kohlrabi / beet / sour cream / dill pierogi

Photo by Lorenzo Tassone

This is a dish that our chef de cuisine, David Goody, has created. Goody recently moved to Chicago from San Francisco and is bringing his own set of ideas and flavors to the table. This pierogi dish is his own way of becoming acquainted with city of Chicago. 

Since Chicago is a working class city with a concentration of Polish people, a pierogi seemed to fit on the menu. Even if you're not Polish and you live in Chicago, you have been to a street festival or farmers market and eaten a pierogi. It is part of the identity of Chicago, as much as a Chicago style hot dog. Being part Polish, myself, definitely helped me work though the development of this dish. Even though all of the flavors are typical in Polish cuisine, we put our touches on them. I pulled in the familiar flavors of beets, kohlrabi, dill, and sour cream because they seemed like logical pairings for a Polish dish. We have fermented the kohlrabi for more than a week, created texture on the plate by preparing the beets three ways, as well as smoking the wagyu beef in the pierogi filling. Photo by Lorenzo Tassone.