Steak & Eggs on Toast

There are a few disadvantages to living above the restaurant (actually, I can't really think of any), but finding something in the refrigerator to make for a small Sunday brunch is definitely not one of them, especially when there is Wagyu beef and ossetra caviar on your current menu. On this given Sunday, I served the two of them with some soft scrambled eggs and toast for an amped up home version of steak and eggs. Once devoured, I thought about serving it downstairs in the restaurant. 

The Wagyu is sliced and wrapped around a piece of our toasted brioche, topped with a mound of the fish eggs, and finished with a couple granules of Murray River sea salt. As it is our first course, once we drop the finger food in front of the guests, I explain that their eating this luxurious bite at the beginning of their tasting menu is akin to a two pump chump having an orgasm before even starting the sex. Finally, to take some air of anticipation out of the room, we also play with them some more when we announce that this first bite will probably be the best thing they eat all night.