This dish was conceived in the cold, dark days of winter. The thought was to take as many varieties of allium (onion family) as possible, prepare them utilizing as many methods as possible, and then in an effort to show off their versatility, serve them with as many accompaniments as I could get on the plate. The order of the progression - in which it is meant to be eaten -  is from right to left.

  • Onion flan topped with ossetra caviar
  • Boiled leeks with hamachi crudo
  • Pickled pearl onion with bottarga (grey mullet roe)
  • Scallion kimchi with sautéed shrimp
  • Compressed red onion with mojama atun (dried tuna from Spain)
  • Confit onion with chicken liver mousse and air dried duck
  • Caramelized onions with maitake mushroom leather
  • Spring onion jam with seared Wagyu beef

We also added onion rings, roasted onions, shallot powder, sprouting chives, a charred ramp, and scallion ash. To finish it off, we have a kimchi gel and each of the onion ingredients are flavored with kochukaru, the pepper that is used in traditional kimchi. We recommend eating the dish one at a time and from right to left, but since EL is here to remove pretension from fine dining, we tell the room they can eat it any fucking way they want.